Abs Workouts - Three Top Exercises To Get Washboard Abs

Anyone who wants to get a sixpack should know that it is actually be crucial to reduce the layer of fat covering up your abdominals in order to show them off. However, at the same time it is also important to have a good ab routine to build up your abdominal muscles in order to define them as well. As such, here are three top exercises for abs workouts.

One of the best would be hanging knee raises. This type of exercise will require the use of a bar and so if you do not have one installed you should get one within your home, possibly between a doorframe. All you need to do is grab the bar with both hands and then lift your knees all the way up to your chest. This is a fantastic exercise for the lower abdominals and, while your body may be swinging around at first, soon you will get used to holding your body and position and focusing on the lower abs.

It is also a good idea to do reverse crunches. These are simply regular crunches done in reverse, but are a lot more effective. You should lie down on the ground and have your legs straight up in the air. Then bend your knees to 90 degrees and gradually bring your knees towards your chest. When you get there, push back out again to the starting position slowly and this will count as one repetition. These are very good at focusing on the upper abdominals.

You should also try regular Swiss ball crunches. Crunches in general are not overly effective and you will need to therefore make these more intense by using an exercise ball. By using an exercise ball you will be able to focus on different areas of your sixpack and will have a much greater range of movement, making the exercise more intense.

Certainly, those who simply focus on regular crunches and situps will not be able to get the same definition as those who frequently do more intense exercises such as these.

By focusing on these three, you should get a great all-around workout for your midsection.


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