Improve Eyesight Naturally With These Exercises

Eyes are one of the five sense organs of our body which guide us through life right from birth till the day we die. Its importance as a one of the vital signs has been established since the burgeoning of life on Earth - while opening of eyes indicative of a new beginning in every sense, their closing is symbolic of the end both literally and metaphorically.

Our eyes function courtesy of eye muscles and these, like all the other muscles of our body need to be flexed frequently in order to improve eyesight naturally. Considering the contemporary lifestyle wherein watching television, working at the computer and reading are everyday activities negligence of this aspect often results in visionary problems with the solution being glasses, contact lenses or even surgery.

Given the fact that our eyes function all the time and rest only when we are sleeping, exercising them not only serves to invigorate by driving the strain away but also keeps vision problems at bay. Although many people might argue that their impact may be minimal in case of congenital or traumatic problems it has been scientifically proven that to improve eyesight naturally exercise is one of the best ways.

One of the easiest as also the most effective ways of strengthening eye muscles as suggested by opticians is blinking as a high blink rate helps to improve eyesight naturally by washing away the strain and is a positive communication skill as well. In society while a person who blinks often is regarded as being warm and friendly anyone who likes to stare without blinking is considered aggressive.

Palming especially subsequent to working at the computer can make a big difference to vision even though it is not much of an exercise. Because it entails covering of eyes with palms, resting the fingers on the forehead and heels of the hands on cheekbones, it enables to relieve the stress around the eyes and is a simple way to improve eyesight naturally as also to relax mentally.

Exercise is not just concerned with de-stressing but aims towards enhancing flexibility as well and this can be accomplished by drawing a figure of eight in front of the eyes and tracing it first in one direction and then in the other. Practicing this task every day for a few minutes may take a bit of perseverance but is a sure-shot way by which to improve eyesight naturally.

Another way of enjoying long-lasting good vision is to indulge in near and far focussing as apart from its ability to improve eyesight naturally it can be performed anywhere. In this exercise the near object is the thumb and the far object is something that is at least 10 feet away and all that the individual is required to do is dart his eyes between the thumb and the distant object with each deep breath.

If you wish to build your focussing skills through exercise as also to improve eyesight naturally then zooming is an option which you must consider. In this the arm is outstretched with the thumb in hitch-hiking position and brought closer while being followed by eyes all the time. Doing this exercise for a few minutes every day would surely result in preservation of long lasting vision.


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