Zumba Dvds Review: Latin Dance Aerobics Routines

Zumba is a high level aerobics program. It was originally designed by dancer Beto Perez. The classes are available in three dozen countries. Instructors have completed additional training in leading the complicated steps that are part of the fitness and weight loss program. Zumba DVDs review comments vary significantly, depending upon who you listen to.

Those who purchased and enjoyed the DVDs either have heard about Zumba through a live class, or have heard about the program from friends or online. The high-level exercise moves are actually dance moves from some of the major Latin dance styles. These dances include calypso, cumbia, cha cha, hip hop, samba, reggae, merengue and salsa. Reviewers of the exercise suggested that purchase and use of a beginner's level class made the live classes more interesting and understandable.

There are classes related to Zumba that make the fitness program within the reach of seniors, kids, and those who simply want to feel and look more toned. There are also water-based Zumba classes for low impact exercises. The DVDs might be sold in a set, so you can begin at the level you feel comfortable.

The positive features of the exercise is the high energy. You will be moving every part of your body. By playing the DVDs you can work out at home in about twenty minutes and burn plenty of calories. Because the music is relentless, the user won't get bored.

Learning the basic moves is made easier at the beginner level, since the steps are broken down into their simplest components and patterns. Once you learn the steps, you will be on your way to getting a aerobics workout. Your blood oxygenation will improve, bring better health to every organ of your body. The moves are fun, because you are dancing.

A Zumba DVDs review on the negative side is occasionally posted by an individual who was disappointed at the difference between live classes and the DVD style. Other purchasers took issue with the garments or more importantly the lack of garments worn by the instructors. The majority of individuals reviewing the DVDs appreciated the ability to perfect the moves before going to a live class.


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